About Global Business Databases

The Key to Success in Global Business

About Global Business Databases

In today’s business environment, having an international perspective is crucial. Particularly when a company is expanding its overseas operations, access to a database with global business information is essential. Overseas business databases contain valuable data about companies around the world and support the global business expansion of enterprises.

What is a Global Business Database?

A global business database is an online repository encompassing information about companies worldwide. This database includes a wide range of data such as company names, headquarters addresses, phone numbers, year of establishment, number of employees, sales figures, website URLs, as well as information about group companies, financial data, executive information, store information, and geographic coordinates. This information is extremely valuable and useful when companies are exploring new markets or conducting competitive analysis.

1. The Importance of Global Business Databases

In business, acquiring accurate and comprehensive data is key to success. By utilizing overseas business databases, it is easy to extract a wide range of information, from major global corporations to regionally specialized small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, a Japanese company considering expanding overseas can find this database very useful for researching industry trends and competitive information in the target country or region. It is also possible to quickly list relevant corporate information when exploring opportunities for corporate sales, marketing, and mergers and acquisitions.

2. Use Cases of Global Business Databases

Many companies use overseas business databases to find new business opportunities and manage risks. These databases are used in various business scenarios, such as analyzing new markets, researching competitors, developing new business partners, and implementing efficient marketing strategies (like direct mailing, telemarketing, targeted emails, etc.) using regional, industry, and company size information, as well as mapping.

3. Access and Pricing Structure of Global Business Databases

Overseas business databases are primarily provided by data companies in Europe and America. While there are many local database providers in each country and region, there are not many data companies that have a global scale corporate database. Usually, these databases can be accessed through sales agents in each country. Inquiries about data, sample data provision, and data delivery are typically done online (over the Internet). The pricing structure varies depending on the data provider and usually consists of a basic fee (for data processing) and data charges (number of records × price). The fees differ based on the frequency and duration of use, whether the data is updated, etc. Some data companies have expensive pricing structures that only financially strong large corporations can afford, while others have pricing structures that are more accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.


Overseas business databases provide a means to quickly and easily access corporate information worldwide, supporting critical decision-making in business. Utilizing such databases is essential for seizing market opportunities, differentiating from competitors, and managing risks. In the global business environment, choosing and utilizing the appropriate database is an important step towards corporate success.