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Access global / local connections

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Access global / local connections

Empowering the Demands of International Marketers

Glocal Connections caters to the ever-growing needs and demands for international marketing services in our modern age. We specialize in providing cutting-edge direct marketing and international communication services by connecting clients with local experts, professionals, and suppliers, particularly in Asian countries. Our head office is strategically located in Fukuoka city, Japan, which is rapidly developing as a prominent hub in Asia.

With Glocal Connections, you can easily access local professional services at highly competitive costs and prices, offering a seamless turn-key solution from test marketing to full-scale roll-out campaigns in Asian countries, including Japan. Acting as your trusted local agent in Japan and Asia, we encourage you to reach out and explore the myriad of Connections we have to offer! Feel free to inquire and get started today.




We provide unrivaled local marketing services custom-tailored for foreign companies aiming to establish their presence in Japan and Asia. Let us be your strategic partner in navigating these dynamic landscapes and achieving remarkable growth and success.


Int'l Communication

Seamlessly connect you with adept local service providers, offering invaluable support in communication, negotiation, and finding solutions, drawing from our extensive professional knowledge and years of experience.


Language learning

We are passionate about crafting specialized language learning materials catered to Japanese and Asian people, enabling them to master English with unparalleled efficiency.

Data Services / Direct Marketing

Glocal Connections (GC) offers comprehensive data-related services for businesses that manage Japanese databases from locations outside of Japan. Enhance your marketing database and data handling capabilities with our experienced and skillful local services. Additionally, GC can assist you in identifying data sources/vendors and accessing local marketing services in Asian countries.