Online/Offline language learning

At our company, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive language learning service that seamlessly integrates online and offline resources. Our cutting-edge program encompasses printed materials, user-friendly software, and interactive applications, all designed to facilitate your English learning journey.

For Japanese learners, we take pride in offering unique and effective methods to master English. Our curriculum begins with the fundamentals of English spelling, followed by mastering the proper word order and vocabulary building, among other essential aspects.

Packaged software solutions for Japanese

Partnering with J Education in Fukuoka, Japan, we proudly present a groundbreaking software specifically designed for Japanese learners to practice and master the intricate order of English words.

Despite English being taught in Japanese schools from elementary to university levels, fluency among Japanese speakers remains limited. One significant challenge lies in the fundamental difference between English and Japanese—their word orders. The flexible nature of word order in Japanese leads to less emphasis on this aspect, but in English, word order profoundly influences meaning and communication.

With our innovative approach, we bridge this gap and empower Japanese learners to harness the power of proper word order in English. Embrace this transformative opportunity to unlock your full potential in English proficiency. Together, let’s conquer the world of English with confidence and ease.

Email magazine to support learning with “Eigoryoku Builder”

This is a series of email magazines to help users of “Eigoryoku Builder” to master the basic structure and construction of English. Each email magazine has its theme or a grammatical patern to master with examples of verbs typically used for the pattern. Learners can learn what kinds of verbs are used for the pattern.

Learning Materials to master the basic rules of English spelling