Language Learning Services

Online/Offline language learning

We provide online language learning service with printed materials along with softwares and applications that help learning English. We have unique methods for Japanese people to learn and master English, starting from learning of English spelling, the order of English words, vocabulary building and etc.

Mail magazine to support learning with “Eigoryoku Builder”

This is a series of email magazines to help users of “Eigoryoku Builder” to master the basic structure and construction of English. Each email magazine has its theme or a grammatical patern to master with examples of verbs typically used for the pattern. Learners can learn what kinds of verbs are used for the pattern.

Online lesson to master the basic rules of English spelling..

Online lesson with use of video, Skype and some other online tools will be launched in 2017.

Packaged software solutions for Japanese

Partnering with J Education in Fukuoka, Japan, we developed a software for Japanese people to learn and master English. The software is for Japanese people to practice and master the order of words in English.

Although Japanese people learn English from elementary school or junior high school until university, there are not many English speakers in Japan. One of major differences between English and Japanese is that the orders of words are different. Because the order of words can be in many ways in Japanese, Japanese people do not pay much attention to it. However, the order of words makes meaning and it is very important in English.