Consulting service for local business activities

Glocal Connections (GC) plays a role of your local marketing agency. GC has various connections with local marketing service providers for offline, online marketing or multi-channel marketing, database suppliers, lettershops, logistics companies, printing companies and etc. and will provide the best possible marketing soluctions for our clients from overseas.

Trading and Logistics

Our staff have been involved in trading aand logistics for many years. We have good connections with local service providers so very good rates are available from us for local logistics in Japan.

Capable of localization in English, Chinese and Japanese

We provide localization service among English, Chinese and Japanese, for offline and online. Your websites and creative are localized and optimized not only in language but also in marketing with our knowledge and experiences in direct marketing in Japan.

Translation Service

Our translation service is not by a translator but by a specialist in marketing field. Literal translation does not work for marketing purpose. Our translation and localization are optimized for marketing, which will give a big difference to your creative.

Local Exhibition Support Service

We help foreign companies attend business exhibitions held in Japan by translation, interpretation, market research, finding local business partners, negotiations with suppliers & vendors and etc. at a very reasonable cost.

Multi-lingual Websites .

We localize and optimize your English website into Japanese and/or some other Asian languages. One of our main services is to develop multi-language website optimized for marketing in Japan.