Direct Marketing

Full turnkey direct marketing services

We provide a Turn-Key Service for direct marketing in Japan and some other Asian countries for foreign companies who wants to conduct a test marketing or enter the Japan/Asian markets. We have close partnerships with local vendors and suppliers in marketing industry so you can get and use various marketing solutions and channels at very competitive prices from us. We have been over 30 years in direct marketing business so we are very familiar with marketing operations. We also know much about direct marketing in some other countries such as U.S.A., U.K., France, China, Taiwan and some other scountries in Asia so our knowledge and experience would help understand differences in business customs, thoughts and methods on marketing in your country and in Japan.

We can adjust and fit your marketing plan properly to local business environments to maximize its effect. Please feel free to inquire us for any marketing channels. We will provide you with available advertising media information with our suggestion.

Direct Mailing

Direct mailing is still a powerful and very effective marketing channel especailly for B2B in Japan. Japan takes opt-out system so it is not illegal to send direct mail to businesses and consumers using non-opt-in data.

However, since the enforcement of the protection of Personal Information in 2005, Japanese consumers have become sensitive to their personall information used for direct mail so companies hesitate to send direct mail to consumers using non-opt-in data sourcing from other companies.

Instead, there are companies who provide direct mailing service for other companies for advertising using their opt-in customer database so such direct mail services have been popular for direct mailing to consumer. We are sales agents for those companies so please feel free to inquire us for direct mailing service to businesses and consumers in Japan. We can introduce one of the best media or channels for your marketing.

Email Marketing EDM

In Japan, only opt-in email addresses are allowed to use for marketing.


Inserts to catalogue mail, product package and newspaper

Catalogue inserts and package inserts are often used as one of effective direct marketing channels to consumers in Japan. Insert service is provided by mail order companies, online shop organizers who have customer database and magazine publishers who have subscriber database. Your advertising insert is packed in their DM or product package to their customers.

Newspaper insert is still effective also. You can reach Japanese consumers who subscribe daily newspapers by newspaper inserts. You can insert your advertisement in national newspapers such as Yomiuri, Asahi, Mainichi, Sankei and local newspapers such as Nishinippon, Kahoku, Shizuoka etc.

Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads is still effective as a mass-marketing or direct marketing channel when you want to reach many Japanese consumers although number of newspaper subscribers is decreasing worldwide. We can broker ad spaces on national newspapers and local newspapers and will negotiate for discount for you.