Empowering International Marketers with Impactful Solutions

At Glocal Connections, we go above and beyond to satisfy the ever-growing needs of international marketers in today’s dynamic landscape. Our cutting-edge direct marketing and international communication services are designed to convey compelling messages that resonate with your target audience. By bridging the gap between clients and local experts, professionals, and suppliers in Asian countries, our Fukuoka-based head office in Japan acts as a strategic hub for seamless business connections.

Discover the power of local expertise at remarkably competitive costs, as we offer turn-key services ranging from test marketing to full-scale roll-out campaigns across Asian markets, with a special focus on Japan. As your trusted local agent in Japan and Asia, we are committed to propelling your success in international endeavors.

Our three main business domains, Direct Marketing Service, Language Learning Service, and International Communication Service, work cohesively to support foreign companies in entering Asian markets, particularly Japan. Local specialists, well-versed in the intricacies of regional markets and possessing the right marketing and business channels, are essential ingredients for triumph in your ventures. Glocal Connections provides the essential elements for thriving in the realm of international business.

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We provide unrivaled local marketing services custom-tailored for foreign companies aiming to establish their presence in Japan and Asia. Let us be your strategic partner in navigating these dynamic landscapes and achieving remarkable growth and success.


Int'l Communication

Seamlessly connect you with adept local service providers, offering invaluable support in communication, negotiation, and finding solutions, drawing from our extensive professional knowledge and years of experience.


Language learning

We are passionate about crafting specialized language learning materials catered to Japanese and Asian people, enabling them to master English with unparalleled efficiency.