A Turn-key Direct Mailing Service in JAPAN

Empower Your Direct Marketing in Japan with Our Advanced Business Databases: Drive Success with Precision and Innovation!

Maximize Your Reach with Precision: Our Diverse Business Databases Cover Over 5 Million Japanese Companies, Enabling Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns for Unparalleled Market Penetration!

Glocal Connections stands at the forefront of bridging global markets with Japan’s unique business landscape. Specializing in both international and domestic B2B direct mail campaigns, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise that is invaluable for companies looking to penetrate the Japanese market. Our approach to direct marketing is not just about outreach – it’s a strategic tool for customer development, encompassing everything from product research to establishing robust networks with distributors, business partners, and clients. Choosing Glocal Connections means gaining immediate access to a team of seasoned professionals who offer deep insights and tailored strategies, specifically designed for the dynamic and intricate Japanese direct marketing industry. Partner with us to transform your vision into impactful reality in Japan’s thriving business ecosystem.

✔︎ Develop new customers in JAPAN and Asian countries.  

✔︎ Send invitations to local companies before exhibitions in JAPAN and other Asian countries.  

✔︎ Look for trading companies that handle your products.  

✔︎ Find local distributors/partner companies  in JAPAN and other Asian countries.  

 Turnkey Service for Direct Mailing in JAPAN and Asian Countries

Glocal Connections offers a turnkey service that covers all processes required for direct mailing in Japan and Asia.

Mailing List

  • Select/Create mailing lists by country/region, target area, industry, year of foundation, capital, annual sales, number of employees, legal status, etc.
  • Provide phone numbers for follow-up calls after direct mailing


  • Translation into Japanese or other languages, copywriting
  • Localization of contents and DM packages
  • Creative test
  • Production of promotional goods


  • Printing of mail items
  • Production of promotional goods
  • Insertions, Sealing, Labeling, etc.


  • Coordination of local postal mail / courier services
  • Arrangement of local warehouse and logistics
  • Call center arrangement
    Outbound such as follow-up calls
    Inbound such as contact and order reception
  • Arrangement of local virtual office, etc.